Sports Performance

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Sports Performance

When the Mind Holds Back the Body

You are in the last seconds of the match; it’s 1-1 and your team have been awarded a penalty. You are the penalty taker. You step up and put the ball on the spot. Your heart is racing, you don’t want to let down your team but something that is so easy in practice now seems so difficult. You are overthinking it.

You are about to step into the boxing ring. You are feeling great physically but now you feel as if your energy is draining, your mind is going hazy and you are struggling to remember the strategy for this match.

In both scenarios, it is not your body or lack of physical skills training that is inhibiting your performance; it is insufficient Psychological Skills Training (PST).

Developing Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is about your ability to focus, to rebound from failure, to cope or even thrive with pressure and to persist in times of adversity. In most sports, you will find yourself competing against opponents of similar ability as you. Your mental toughness will be a crucial factor in how well you succeed.

Your Programme

Your programme will be tailored specifically to you and we will use a number of techniques including hypnosis so that instead of inhibiting it, your mental approach enhances your performance. Giving you the psychological edge over opponents.

There are four critical areas we will work on:

  • Goal Setting

There are 3 different types of goals and it is important to use all 3 to enhance your performance – learn more in my blog.

  • Self-talk

A simple but powerful technique that increases relaxation, motivation and re-enforces correct technique.

  • Imagery

Through hypnosis, you can visualise yourself beating that opponent or being calm and in control on the 18th hole as you go for that final putt. In effect, you create a “memory” that you have done it before. This is a powerful way to build self-efficacy (the belief that you can do something).

  • Arousal Control

Too stressed or too relaxed and your performance may be compromised. There is an optimum level of arousal for you. You will learn a number of techniques to keep you at this peak level of arousal.

Unique to You

Your programme will be unique to you and as we work together you will find yourself becoming more focused, more able to control your arousal levels and more positive. As your mind becomes a powerful ally in your success you gain a sense of mastery that will be felt in other aspects of your life too.