Lose Weight

Change your mind, change your body …

Lose Weight

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

  • to feel healthier and more in control of your life?
  • to be able to stop eating when you’re not hungry?
  • to look better and feel better about yourself?

Most people come to me after they have tried many other diets, perhaps lost some weight and then put it all back on again. I understand how hopeless it can seem and that it can affect how you feel about yourself. There is a widely-stated statistic that 95% of diets fail. Certainly, the most common pattern is for short-term weight loss followed by the weight going back on. Why is this?

Why “Dieting” can be Tough

When you diet, your subconscious “panics”. It is not getting its needs met. From an evolutionary perspective, you are programmed to eat when food is available. From an emotional perspective, you may have linked eating chocolate to parental love, reward or a way of distracting you from your problems. It can also be a form of “self-harm”.

These and many other powerful subconscious forces are trying to get you to eat. So firstly, be reassured that if you have tried diets before and you’ve not been able to stick to them, you are not alone. Dieting without your subconscious “on board” is tough.

How can I Help You to Lose Weight For Good?

I will help you identify the subconscious forces unique to you that have “sabotaged” your previous diets. Working directly with your subconscious we can then begin to reduce these forces and get them working for you so that you can achieve your body shape and keep it far more easily.

I will work with you in hypnosis, to reassure your subconscious and create new patterns and responses. I will change how you interpret hunger so that it becomes a motivator and I will teach you practical new behaviours that will reinforce these changes.

I won’t pretend it will be completely effortless but it will require far less will power and feelings of deprivation than constantly working against your subconscious. As you embed these new behaviours and subconscious patterns, you will find yourself increasingly feeling and acting differently as your relationship with food changes forever.

(I offer hypnotherapy for weight loss from two practices in Eastbourne, East Sussex, with a client base across Bexhill, Lewes, Hailsham and further afield).