Therapy Fees

for each therapy I offer …

Therapy Fees

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Hypno-Psychotherapy – £60

The combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy tailored to your unique needs in order to deliver the most effective therapy for you.

We will work in the way that is best for you so that you can gain release from the problems that have been affecting your life, allowing you to live the life you want to.

Each session lasts 50 minutes

Smoking Cessation Session – £135

The Stop Smoking session lasts for one and a half hours and combines deep relaxation hypnosis, positive suggestions and visualisation in a powerful formula for quitting smoking more easily. The fee includes a free “top up” session within 3 months should it be required. (Though it rarely is).

Couples Counselling – £60

Working together in a safe, supportive and structured environment to give you a chance to better understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. Allowing you to create a better future.

Sports Performance £60

A combination of sports psychology, hypnosis and techniques to improve your game.

Business Performance £60

Increase your confidence, stress management and performance to enhance your career.


Please refer to the workshops page for individual pricing.

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