Stop Smoking Workshop


harness the power of hypnotherapy to be free of cigarettes


This informative and interactive workshop is held in the beautiful Lansdowne Hotel in Eastbourne. It is a half day program that will help you free yourself from the habit that now controls you. You will explore your relationship with cigarettes to understand how you got to this point. You will unearth the resistance that has sabotaged your previous attempts to be a non-smoker. This is all crucial work in preparation for the hypnotherapy session.

You will experience a full “be a non-smoker” hypnotherapy session. You will experience a sense of calm and centeredness as I allow your subconscious to create new thoughts and feelings about smoking and being free of it. I will use precise imagery and language that will give you a unique experience utilising the insights you gained from the first half of the session to create deep change within you. An MP3 download will be available for you so you can continue to reinforce this change within you.

Steve Neesam is an experienced and highly-qualified Hypnotherapist, Coach, Psychotherapist and Counsellor with a number of professional accreditations and qualifications to his name.

What will I gain from the Workshop?

  • Understand your relationship with cigarettes to help you end it.
  • Learn powerful techniques to use at your most “vulnerable” times; e.g. in the morning with that cuppa.
  • Share experiences in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Flush out your specific resistances that have sabotaged you in the past.
  • Change your old habits at a deep subconscious level with a full hypnotherapy session.
  • Free “You’re a Healthy Non-smoker” MP3 download to reinforce the change.

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