Lose Weight Workshop

Lose Weight Workshop

harness the power of hypnotherapy to help you lose weight for good

Lose Weight Workshop

A full day weight loss workshop in Eastbourne. This isn’t about what foods to eat, you already know that. It is about how to change your relationship with food once and for all so that it becomes easier to eat the right foods. The workshop will enable you to lose weight more easily, enjoyably and reduce that exhausting need for constant willpower.

It’s not just about losing weight though, it’s about keeping it off for good. Most diets are great at telling you what to do, but ignore how you feel. They leave your subconscious ignored whilst you’re left to count the calories, follow those recipes and eat those “set meals”.

At this informative Eastbourne workshop, you will experience hypnosis for weight loss from Steve Neesam. He is a highly-qualified Hypnotherapist, Coach, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. He has over 30 years’ experience and a number of professional accreditations and qualifications to his name.

The How to Lose Weight for Good Workshop is about changing your subconscious. And when your subconscious changes, losing weight gets a whole lot easier.

What will I gain from the Workshop?

  • 2 hypnosis sessions to change your relationship with food.
  • Free weight Loss mp3 download.
  • Reduce the need for willpower by working WITH your subconscious
  • Learn why you eat for emotional reasons to free yourself from it
  • Share experiences in a safe and supportive environment
  • Put an end to dieting that left you feeling miserable, deprived and hungry

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