Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Workshop

Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Workshop

harness the power of hypnotherapy to be calm

Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Workshop

This informative and interactive workshop is held in The Lansdowne Hotel, a beautiful seafront hotel in Eastbourne. It is a full day program that will help free you from the anxiety, stress and panic attacks that can dominate your life. Often, these conditions lead you to withdraw from tasks that you know you are perfectly capable of doing. By understanding why this is happening, sharing your experiences with others and receiving a full relaxation hypnotherapy session, you can begin to your live your life more fully again.

The workshop has a specific “3-pronged” approach:

EDUCATION – The workshop will explain what is happening to you and why. You will see that it is a normal process. By understanding what is going on in your brain, you will begin to understand how you can be free of it. You will identify the part of you that is so worried and even give it a name. This will be used in the hypnotherapy session to make it unique to you.

INTERACTION – It is really comforting to hear from others in the group. You will identify with much of how they feel and realise just how common anxiety, stress and panic attacks are. Indeed, the group sessions (in which you can participate at the level you feel comfortable to) are always extremely bonding and supportive experiences in which you are with other people who “get it”.

HYPNOTHERAPY – Crucially, you will experience a full relaxation hypnotherapy session in which your “worried part” will be listened to and given permission to relax. (It will make more sense in the workshop!). You will experience a sense of calm and centeredness that you may not have felt for a very long time. An MP3 download will be available for you to continue to reinforce this change within you.

What will I gain from the Workshop?

  • Understand what is happening in your brain and why.
  • Learn powerful techniques to reduce “helplessness” and empower you.
  • Share experiences in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Identify the triggers that “set you off”.
  • Meet your “worried self” and befriend it.
  • Change your old subconscious patterns with a full hypnotherapy session.

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